Audio Recordings

This section contains a selection of sound recordings made by Angus, mostly during the 1990s. The majority are of Angus talking in English about local history, but some recordings feature other people and some are in Gaelic. The sound quality is variable and several of the recordings, made using the technology of the day, begin or end in mid-sentence. Nonetheless, as well as giving us the opportunity to listen to Angus’s own voice, they include information that is not to be found elsewhere on this website—information about postal and telegraph services in Lochs, for instance, or about the history of its congregations. As with the written documents, there can be a substantial degree of overlap, but this overlap is never complete. In addition to making his own recordings, Angus also collected a large number of audio recordings from other sources, including radio programmes in which he featured. The entire collection can be consulted at Ravenspoint.

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